Become a Sponsor of Capsicum Records LLC

Sponsors of Capsicum Records LLC get exposure that is positive, repetitive and world-wide:

  • In the positive zone and family-rated: Our songs don’t indulge in explicit sexuality, bigotry, controversial religious theology, glorification of violence, drug advocacy, or just bad taste. No one will ever require you to explain or apologize for your association with our music or our songs. Our songs make you think, they do not offend.

  • On the worldwide web: Your sponsorship logo and link will be prominently displayed on our website homepage, We promote our music worldwide, as it appeals to multiple markets and age demographics in addition to our special access to the Caribbean-American populations. Our click counts are growing and we provide quarterly reports to support our numbers.

  • On radio and internet radio: Your sponsorship will be noted in radio interviews with our CEO, Roger Meltzer,  and other label executives.

  • On promotion postcards: you can use your sponsorship to offer free downloads of our featured songs from our website.

  • |On the concert stage: For the concerts you select, the emcee will announce your sponsorship role and your corporate banner will be displayed near the stage.

  • Cable TV:    Your sponsor banner may also appear in music videos aired on MTV, VH1, BET, Tempo, CVM as well as in pay per view concert broadcasts.

  • Webcasts:  Your sponsor banners may also appear in concert web simulcasts, both free and pay per view, and in music video excerpts on Youtube as well as on our website.

  • In concert publicity materials, such as posters, flyers, concert websites, souvenir programs, as well as selected radio spots.

  • At pre-concert media events set up by the promoters: the event emcee will announce your sponsorship, and your corporate banner will be displayed;  your rep will be invited to participate as well.

  • In the concert hospitality tent: We share our hospitality tent or booth with our sponsor so your marketing/sales reps can provide additional promotional materials and samples, subject to concert agreements and local laws.

To speak with our CEO about becoming a sponsor please click here send a message.