Joseph Everton "Reality" Weekes

Reality joins Capsicum Records' Executive Production staff as our second Executive Producer, and as a Principal in the LLC.  He and Roger Meltzer are now collaborating on multiple new singles that will be coming to the website by July.
Reality is a quintuple threat, a musician-writer-producer-arranger as well as a studio engineer.  His list of hits in the calypso and soca genres is an arm's length, and his ability to fuse those tempos with reggae, dancehall, r&b, modern
country, gospel and pop makes him the ideal addition to our 'roots on the bottom, pop on the tp' Reggae-In-Fusion Hartford Sound.
Few people know that the all-time calypso party record, "Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot" was penned by Reality, originally titled "Fundamental Jam.  He has performed live in front of  50,000 people as a calypso and soca artist, then turned around and packed them in again as a gospel artist.
A native of the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat, Reality is also known there as "King Reality" after winning the Calypso Monarch festivals in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976 and 1978 . According to those who have travelled with him on tours, when he returns to the volcano-prone island, he is in fact greeted like royalty.