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Writers- Roger Meltzer, Ron Gentile


Publishers - Capsicum Music, Soul of Zion Music, RSPS Music


Produced and Arranged by = Roger Meltzer, Joseph Everton "Reality" Weekes and Ron Gentile


verse- Sometimes, I hear you say that I don;t love you

That true love wouldn't make you wait so long

But until they look my way, tell me, what else can I do

I can only show I love you with my song...and


chorus- Without you, there would be no music

And soon this gift I have would fade away

Without you, there'd be no way to use it

I'd have no words to sing...or notes to play


verse- So, please, don;t ever leave, don't take your love girl/boy

'Cause you're the one I need to make it through

Without you to believe, well, down would come my world

And all the dreams I hold for me and you


repeat chorus


bridge- You're the melody I've always looked for

You're the lyric to the hook I need

You're the harmony in my soul

You're the rhythm and the rhyme that form the seed, but



repeat chorus 3x and fade


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