L.A.'s Tanta T Releases Capsicum Reggae Remake Of Sade R&B/Smooth Jazz Classic "No Ordinary Love"

Tanta T

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"I received a copy of Tanta T's "Waste Time" and immediately fell in love with her sultry, expressive voice," says Capsicum CEO and A&R Director Roger Meltzer. "I added it to the rotation on the radio show and got pull up (replay) requests every week. Shortly after that I got to see the music video she did for the song on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGbq-4MGh_M) and made up my mind I would reach out and 'friend' her on Facebook and invite her to join the roster of exciting new artists releasing new singles on our label. Listening to the lyrics about her unfaithful man while watching her in the video, I quickly decided a mad man dis.


"The Capsicum track is a reggae fusion with touches of dancehall and Afrobeat, Toto flava pop harmonies, urban r&b/soul counterpoint and a dash of hip-hop rap with a guest vocal from Jamaica-Hartford transplant Ricky Nevado. I wish I could take credit for the idea of remaking this song in reggae, but I had been talking for about a year with the iconic Delmar "Della Danger Zone" Drummond about his idea of our building a reggae-in-fusion remake of Sade's r&b/smooth jazz classic "No Ordinary Love" and adding an Afrobeat interlude/breakdown in the track for his Starstruck label. When that deal did not come to fruition, I sent our new track to Tanta T and she agreed to voice it for Capsicum. Timing is everything in life."


Written by Sade and her sax player and producer Stuart Matthewman, the Capsicum version was co-produced and arranged by Meltzer and five-time Monserrat Calypso Monarch Joseph Everton "Reality" Weekes who penned and produced the international party record Soca anthem "Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot" for his later partner Arrow.


Tanta T has been making a name for herself in the music industry as a singer-musician-songwriter for several years. Growing up performing on stages and playing piano, her main musical influences have been reggae, rhythm & blues, and light rock. She has adapted a style of writing songs that tell a story, expresses human emotion, or explain a difficult situation.


As an adult, Tanta T has been the opening act for many popular reggae artists including Buju Banton, Collie Buddz, Etana, and Everton Blender. She released her first album titled “JAmerican” in 2012 which, to this day, still receives praise worldwide. Her dancehall single “Baddest” received The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop / Reggae Song of the year in 2016. Her “Waste Time” single is currently in rotation on radio stations in the U.S. and in Jamaica.


Her music, videos, and blogs can be found on her official website TheOfficialTantaT.com or by a simple internet search of her name “Tanta T.


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