Mayyah Stuart

Fans of Mayyah know he most often records and performs in duet with his rapper older brother Tellyah. The brothers have been performing together for over 10 years throughout the Caribbean, opening for Bunny Wailer, Ziggy Marley, Buju Banton, Anthony B. and Nasio Fontaine. We were able induce this talented singer-songwriter from the island’s cultural center of Grand Bay to give one of our favorite songs a try as a solo artist and show off his range as a silky first tenor.

Mayyah chose to cover “Life’s Too Short,” a song R. Meltzer, S. Sarbocca and G. Ziegler originally penned for Sal Anthony as an up-tempo country line dance for Sal’s legions of fans south of the Mason-Dixon Line. While the twang may be gone, we think you’ll love this song all over again with its seductive lover’s rock groove, rub-a-dub tempo, and r&b flavor, and maybe even more.

And with Mayyah’s rugged good looks and velvet first tenor, what gal could say no?