Shalli Burchell

For the past six years, Shalli has been a member of Jamaica’s world-renowned renowned GraceThrillers Gospel Choir. This group has performed with some of gospel music's elite, including the Hawkins Family, the Commissions, the Richard Smallwood Singers, Candi Staton, Shirley Caesar, Jesse Dixon and the Williams Brothers. The Grace Thrillers are as vibrant and popular as ever, and have recently put out their latest album, "A New Dawn", featuring their current membership - CEO and founder Noel Willis, Noel Willis Jr., Alrick O' Connor, Mary Lewis, Natalie Foster, Cadian Brown, Althea Hemmings, Larry Snow (overseas member), and Shalli Burchell.
While Shalli remains an active member of the Grace Thrillers choir, she’s also beginning a career as a solo recording artist. Her repertoire will also expand beyond the gospel genre familiar to world-wide fans of the group. This lady was simply born to sing. She has a divine gift, to be sure, but she can do it all -- sing, singjay, deejay – and in any genre we ask her to explore -- not only her gospel, which remains as spellbinding as ever, but also our unique ‘roots on the bottom, pop on the top’ fusion sound of reggae, dancehall, soca, calypso, with r&b, pop, modern country, folk, jazz and others.
According to Roger Meltzer, Capsicum CEO and Director of A&R, “Working with her in the studio is a breathtaking experience. She’s the quickest study I’ve ever met. She memorizes a lyric and melody in minutes. Her range is incredible; she delights in doing background vocals for other artists, joining in a duet, as well as singing lead. We met when she came to East Hartford to work on a project with her aunt, and agreed to stay on a few days to voice some gospel songs for Capsicum writer-producer Joseph Everton “Reality” Weekes for his own Progressive Gospel album. I asked her if she had any interest in other genres of music. When she said she loves it all and was willing to pursue a solo career simultaneously, I gave her a copy of our Reggae-In-Fusion in Album #1, and we immediately started looking for new material for this once in a lifetime voice and spirit.

Shalli's first singles for Capsicum are Only You Are Worthy, a fusion of gospel and one-drop, and Get Up And Dance, a fusion of dancehall and soca - we think this song is destined to become the party record of the year