Trilla U

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1969, Eustace Adolphus Hamilton's interest and talents in music and songwriting started to develop while attending Spanish Town Secondary School in St. Catherine.  At the age of 17, going by the name "Thriller U", his debut album "Waiting for You" on the Technique label became the #1 hit on the U.K. album charts, remaining at the top for eight consecutive weeks. His vibrant first single,"Juggling," surged to #1 on the Jamaican top 40 charts for five weeks, followed by three other #1 hits including "Young," "She Green" (featuring Johnny P) and "I'll Prove it to You."  Working with labels in Japan such as Overheat Records, Avex Tracks, and JVC/Victor Music Inc., he formed associations with well-known producers such as Guru from Jazz Matazz, Sly & Robbie, and rap artist Krs 1.  With mentors like these, Trilla mastered his craft as both an artist and a writer.

By 1989 Trilla U was honored as Best New Singer of the Year by the Jammy Annual Awards, leading to exclusive recordings with a variety of producers locally and internationally , such as King Jammy's Shizui Ishii, Roy Francis, Philip (Fattis) Burrell, Donavan German, and Steelie & Clevie. The 90's brought more success with hit releases such as "Love Rules," "Best of Me" and "On and On." Rising to international recognition touring the U.S, Canada, Japan, Caribbean and the UK, alongside major artists like Maxi Priest, Beenie Man , Sizzla and R&B sensations Monica , En Vogue, Big Mountain and Third World, in 1998 Trilla U expanded the boundaries and combined his vocal abilities with three other artists, Lukie D, Singing Melody and Tony Curtis to form the LUST group, hitting the charts with a #1 single called "Sweetness of Your Love."   The group accumulated successes throughout the new millenium.

Then, in 2009, Trilla's wife was critically injured and his daughter killed during an armed robbery while visiting friends.  Trilla's wife survived, and Trilla rededicated his life and music to promoting non-violence and healing, including the 2010 release of the widely acclaimed CD, "Pretty Little Love Songs." In 2011, Kemar Flava McGregor's No Doubt Records released a compilation CD of reggae songs entitled "Throwback Riddims," which includes Trilla's "Sweet Lovin."