Patricia Douglas

Capsicum CEO and Director of A&R Roger Meltzer announced the addition of Patricia "Trish" Douglas to the Hartford, CT-based indie's staff in the capacity as its Director of Social Marketing. She will initially focus on expanding our presence on Facebook and Twitter.
"We are delighted and fortunate to bring Trish on at this time, " says Meltzer. "As an internet-driven label, we are highly dependent on the growth of website traffic to build label recognition, increase download sales, and attract more sponsors and advertisers.
"I started working with Trish a year ago when she helped me convert our newly mastered tracks from Wave to MP3 format to facilitate distribution sales via iTunes and as well as promotional copies to radio and tv deejays around the world. Then she told me liked to design Facebook pages for her friends, and had also helped some of them to promote live concerts and talent showcases in and around Hartford, so I set up a meeting with Melanie Burg, our Director of Technology."
"Within minutes it became clear that Trish was just who we needed to take us where we needed to go with Social Marketing" said Burg. "Trish is very knowledgeable about Facebook and Twitter, and has the right balance of technical and social skills to ramp up our presence. She also has the energy, which can not be underestimated, as it takes a lot of attention to detail and a lot of effort to keep up an effective dialogue with fans and followers and build up a network."
As Trish herself says, "All my life I have loved tinkering with stuff, so it was not hard teaching myself the inner workings of computer programs. I also love music and enjoy promoting it, so social marketing for a record label is a great fit for me."
"I especially appreciate Trish's passion for all kinds of music," added Meltzer. "Jamaican born, she grew up around reggae music but she loves all genres, which makes it easy for her to relate to our label's unique reggae-in-fusion sound."