No Better Than I


capsicr Sat, 04/14/2018 - 6:28pm

“No Better Than I” – Sledge
(R. Meltzer, S. Sarbocca)(BMI)
(Capsicum Music LLC)(Soul of Zion Music)(Cheese King Music)(BMI)
Produced and arranged by Desi Hyson, Osborne “Ifield” Joseph & Roger Meltzer 


Chorus- No matter no man station
No matter him up so high (so high)
Me no better than no man
No man no better than I (no, no)
No man no better than I

Verse- No matter him got Oprah money
No matter his purse feel light
Though me one of (many, #?) children
Never me hungry one night…

Verse- As kids we never know hungry
Us only been ready to eat
And somebody always see us
No runnin' wild in the street

Repeat Chorus

Verse- Sometimes children confusing
What dem need with what dem want
When dem see kids with more things
No divide what’s real, what’s front

Verse- Too much dem mis-lead children
Giving things but giving no love
No teach dem path to all blessing,
All things from Jah-Jah above

Repeat Chorus

Musical interlude

Bridge- Wealth…give no righteous power
To control the lives of men
Only the generous heart
Living commandment…number ten…

Repeat Chorus 2X and ad lib tag out to musical resolve