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Kingston Reggae Pedigree Esco Da Shocker To Record "Thick" For Capsicum Label As Sequel To “Love Interview” & "New Face" Hits


Two Capsicum Singles Land on Tropicalfete 2014 Top 100 International Caribbean Countdown

48 Sweet C- Someone to Believe In
Writers: Roger Meltzer, Sal Anthony & Tony Ligouri, Jr.
Producers & Arrangers: Roger Meltzer, "Ifield" Joseph & "Reality" Weekes

Capsicum Welcomes Cool Ruler Spring Water As New Sponsor


King Mellowman Releases 'Don't Send Me Away' As Capsicum Reggae Remake of 1980 R&B Chart Buster




Capsicum Releases "Someone To Believe In" As Sweet C Gospel-Reggae Fusion Sequel to "I Prayed"

"The night I first heard Sweet C sing, I was driving and listening to DJ Donovan Longmore’s Saturday night Reggae Voyage show on WESU 88.1-FM,” says Capsicum CEO and Director of A&R Roger Meltzer. “Madman” put on “Rise”, a song Sweet C co-wrote with her mentor Tony Rebel, “and her voice, her conviction, her command all struck me at once. The song itself, a fusion of dancehall and reggae, has gone on to become the black woman’s international anthem, but it was her voice that blew me away."

Roger Meltzer Hosts "The Capsicum Show" 9pm Wednesdays


Roger Meltzer, CEO and Director of A&R for Capsicum Records, is now producing and hosting “The Capsicum Show”, a live one-hour radio program every Wednesday from 9:00 –10:00 pm EST/8:00  - 9:00 Central Standard and Jamaica Time, and 1:00 am Thursday GMT in Manchester, UK.  The show features the music of up-and-coming reggae artists like those recording for the Hartford, CT-based indie.        

Click here to listen live every Wednesday at 9pm EST.                Click here to listen to last show.

Portmore Artist Junior X To Record "Gangsta Life" Sequel for Capsicum

One of my loyal Capsicum Show listeners, R

JUNO Nominee Tasha T/Rasta T To Record “Child Of Jah” Single For Capsicum

As soon as I opened the .MP3 file of Tasha T/Rasta T’s “Bed Of Fire” – which ultimately hit #1 on the Canadian reggae charts -- I knew I wanted to play it on The Capsicum Show (9:00 p.m.

"Gangsta Girl" Jamaican Dancehall Sensation Dolli Demonstrates Vocal Versatility in New Capsicum Release "Not That Strong"

Capsicum Records CEO and Director of A&R Roger Meltzer announced that Jamaican DJ artist Dolli (aka Sexii Dolli, Dolli Difference) has joined the recent group of Jamaican talent recording non-exclusively for the Hartford-based indie with the release of her new single, "Not That Strong". 


                      Dolli                                                                     Dolli

Capsicum Colleague Desi Hyson and The Original Wailers Band 'Miracle' CD gets 2013 Grammy Nomination

Capsicum Records CEO and Director of A&R Roger Meltzer today extended heartfelt congratulations to Desi Hyson and his band The Original Wailers for their "Miracle" CD's 2013 Grammy nomination in the category of Best Reggae Album. Four of the songs in the album were penned by the Dominica-born songwriter and composer who also serves as lead singer and keyboardist for the group.

      .desi hyson

                                 Desi Hyson of the Original Wailers

KKYAN, Reggae-Worldbeat-R&B Fusion Artist to Record for Capsicum

       Born in Ritchies, Clarendon parish, Jamaica, KKyan began his musical career as a toddler when KKyan’ s grandfather formed a full size acoustic guitar out of one sold piece of wood for him that KKyan still plays to this day.