Capsicum Welcomes Cool Ruler Spring Water As New Sponsor


June Wyndham-Isaacs, widow of great reggae icon Gregory Isaacs, and Capsicum Records Founding CEO Roger Meltzer today announced the sponsorship of Cool Ruler Spring Water with the Hartford, CT-based indie. The product is collected from the Blue Mountain range where rocks containing minerals and trace elements are dissolved and bottled at the source in Portland, Jamaica, at the highest standards and then distributed by Gregory Isaacs Ltd in Kingston. A portion of the profits goes to support the work of the Gregory Isaacs Foundation.


"Living and working here on the East Coast of the U.S,, we have a tendency to take plentiful, clean safe water for granted until we hear about the drought conditions in southern California or learn of the lead pollution crisis in Flint, Michigan and start reading about the increasing threat of global warming," said Meltzer. "Anyone who has ever travelled to the Mideast or the African sub-Suhara can tell you what's at stake with every drop. So our new association with this fabulous product reminds me how precious this natural resource is.

"I am also proud to link our label and its reggae-in-fusion sound with the musical legacy of the great "Cool Ruler" and his community-conscious family: I have always considered "Night Nurse" to be the greatest rub-a-dub groove ever produced, and no matter how many remakes of it I have heard over the years, none of them hit me the way the Isaacs original still does. Our label thrives by giving new artists an opportunity to showcase their talents, and Isaacs, too, inspired and mentored young talent throughout his great career. The association with this terrific product and his legacy is a natural bond for us."

According to Wyndham-Issacs, the water company, the foundation and the label are already exploring future collaborations, including working together on the Isaacs birthday commemorative event in Kingston this July and a music video for the label's latest release, "Thick" featuring Kingston artist Esco Da Shocker with Derrick Barnett on bass and 5-time Calypso Monarch Joseph Evertion "Reality" Weekes on guitar and keyboards. The song was co-written by Meltzer, Weekes and the artist, and co-produced by Meltzer and Weekes. The comical song actually hit the Tropicalfete Top 100 Caribbean Countdown at #20 three days before it was even released, according to Tropicalfete founder and CEO Alton Aimable.


The Cool Ruler himself, the late Gregory Isaacs at work