Sal Anthony

Sal is the rarest of species in the business - someone who has made his living exclusively from music for decades, writing, singing and playing music professionally for 35 plus years. A former commercial jingle producer, Sal is a graduate of the American Academy of Broadcasting. A huge sports enthusiast, he refuses to play by anybody's rules but his own.

He's what you might call a rugged individualist, a man who describes his music as "modern country - mature, melodic, message-oriented, but never in one bag. Sal's influences are as diverse as the man himself: From Cole Porter to Motown… ...from Roy Acuff to Stevie Wonder. As he says, he wants to "touch the everyday lives of people - maybe on a musical level to be 'the guy next door,' someone who through a vocal or a song can help them cope with their problems or celebrate their joys. The truly classic song is the song folks can identify with on a very personal level."

"Keep it mainstream" is his only rule to himself. "Also," he says, "at the end of the day, it all comes down to the song - that's what matters. I'm just along for the ride."

Besides touring with our other Capsicum artists in concert, Sal also generates original songs for our other label artists.  He also assists with the label’s internet marketing and promotion efforts. He also provides assistance to Meltzer and Joseph in recruiting and developing new roster artists.