How Could It Come To This


“How Could It Come To This” – Burnie Terrell

(B. Terrell, Jr., R. Meltzer)(BMI)

(O. Joseph)(SOCAN)

(Capsicum Music, LLC)(Soul of Zion Music)(BMI)

Produced and arranged by Osborne “Ifield” Joseph, Burnie Terrell & Roger Meltzer


Ad lib over intro- Why did you leave me,

My baby (baby, baby, baby)

Verse- Surprised me, could not believe the things I just hear

The girl that I love, the closest to my heart,

For the only one whom I care

Said she needs some space and time (time)

Seems she wants to leave me behind

Lift- How can this be when she wanted to marry me

And now she plans to walk away from me

Chorus- How could it come to this

Guess my ignorance was bliss

How could it come to this

Where were the signs that I missed

Release- Must have been one or two

But I was blind in love with you

How could it come to this

But I was blind to see

Verse- The hardest thing in my life was letting you go

But how can I hold on if you don’t want me too

I heard your explanation, wanting this separation

Much as you say that you love me

How can you do this to me

Repeat Chorus and Release

Musical interlude/guitar ride

Repeat First Verse and Lift

Repeat Chorus and Release w/o resolve

Repeat Release and ad lib tag out to fade